Most of today’s challenges have one common solution: sustainability. The scarcity of resources, the limited access to basic goods and services such as food, education and healthcare, the financing needs of micro-small-medium enterprises in local communities and the trend towards a healthier lifestyle, all require businesses, governments, institutions and investors to place financial, social and environmental results on the same level.


Some of today’s best performing companies have embraced this concept of the triple bottom line as the driving force behind their business decisions and their definition of success:


Banks that serve micro-small-medium enterprises have been recognised for delivering superior social and financial results to their stakeholders.


Renewable energy has attracted twice the investments of fossil fuels over the past ten years and these investments are expected to triple in the next decade.


Organic food & beverage companies are achieving the highest growth rates and consumer demand in their industry.

These are a few successful examples illustrating a trend that we believe will continue to accelerate in the future. Companies best positioned to meet the needs and values of their clients will sustain their real growth, increase their brand value and deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns to their investors.


With this belief at the core of our investment philosophy, we look for the intrinsic value and the potential for growth of each company and instrument we evaluate. We focus on businesses that show a clear potential to achieve a leading position in their sector, solid margins, positive cash flow origination and are guided by excellent management teams. Our investment process looks at the medium to long term and actively combines financial, social and environmental variables in six key sectors which we believe create the ideal landscape to achieve our goals.  This philosophy has been driving our decisions and results since 2008.