MainStreet Partners, working with qualified investors across Europe, has been delivering consistent, risk-adjusted returns and social-environmental impact through the following impact investment strategies. These strategies can be delivered to our clients as a white label solution where we provide the investments ideas via these strategies and our clients packages these investments in their own branded funds.

Sustainable Growth

This global balanced strategy targets capital appreciation via a flexible and broadly diversified portfolio of highly liquid fixed income and equity investments which intentionally create positive social or environmental impact in our six key sectors. This strategy implements a fundamental approach to asset allocation and a proprietary bottom-up analysis which dynamically combines financial, ESG and impact variables.

Sustainable Finance 

This specialist equity strategy consists of a concentrated portfolio of publicly traded financial institutions that primarily serve micro, small and medium enterprises and promote financial inclusion in developing countries.  In each market, this strategy targets the leading financial institutions with a proven business model, strong growth potential and a highly-experienced management team that have delivered solid financial results while achieving tangible and measurable impact.

Impact Champions

This equity strategy consists of a diversified portfolio of publicly traded small-mid cap companies that best deliver market rate returns while intentionally providing innovative, scalable and accessible solutions to improve people’s lives and protect our planet. This strategy follows a fundamental bottom-up approach to identify the best opportunities in each of our six key sectors while dynamically evaluating ESG factors with our proprietary forward looking impact analysis.

Thematic Fixed Income

This strategy targets long term absolute returns by investing in a globally diversified portfolio of fixed income instruments issued by corporate, government and supranational issuers. The portfolio includes thematic fixed income instruments such as Green Bonds, Sustainability Bonds, Social Bonds and funds with high liquidity and clearly defined impact objectives.