Impact Story: Bridge International Academies Kenya

10 Jan Impact Story: Bridge International Academies Kenya

Knowledge is for all!

Since 2008, Bridge International Academies has proved the power of education: every child is fundamental to development and growth of a country. As part of our ongoing monitoring of our investments, we are pleased to disclose some remarkable results achieved by pupils at Bridge Kenya.

For the third consecutive year, they have dramatically outperformed their peers at schools across the country.

  • Bridge students who attend for 5+ years were 60% more likely to pass than students at nearby traditional public schools!
  • 48 Bridge schools achieved 100% pass rates!
  • 10 entire counties with a 70%+ Bridge pass rate!
  • 1,004 students achieved 300+ marks (a score of distinction across the country)
  • Bridge pupils were 34% more likely than national average to achieve such a distinguished score!


It is humbling to note that the longer a child attends Bridge, the higher her performance on this critical national exam:

The future looks bright for this year’s graduates.

“I’m really excited about the future and feel I have so many opportunities that I would never have had if I hadn’t been lucky enough to go to Bridge. Now, I can be a role model for other girls in my community. I will keep working hard and one day be a writer and produce books like the ones I have learnt to love at school.” – Vanessa Musyoki (13 years old), Bridge Kwa-Holla, Mombasa, KCPE Score of 408.

“My amazing teachers really motivated me to aim high. My school encouraged me to believe that I could fulfill my dreams. I used to say that I wanted to be a lawyer; now I think I will actually be one.” – Joseph Barak (14 years old), Bridge Koru (Kisumu County), KCPE Score of 413.