The Ethical Property Company

22 Dec The Ethical Property Company


In their day to day operations, charities face several critical issues related to costs and efficiencies. Nearly half of not for profits see property as their greatest threat to their long-term stability. The Ethical Property Company is a unique social business that owns, develops and manages commercial properties exclusively for charities, social enterprises, community organizations and campaign groups affecting social change. The company provides work and meeting spaces to over 1,000 organizations in 12 centres across 9 cities in the UK. It is supported by over 1,350 shareholders, predominantly individuals and key institutions who are committed to social change and community development.

Over 1,000 charities located in more than 21,000 m2 across the United Kingdom

15 out of 17 properties are now on 100% renewable electricity tariffs

At the 2016 annual meeting, a dividend of £2.2 pence per share, equivalent to 2.75% yield on the latest NAV, was approved

As of September 2015, the net asset value increased 27% year over year