First impact investing fund listed on Italian exchange

May 31, 2017

Date: May 31, 2017


Mainstreaming impact investing through a liquid,

scalable impact driven investment strategy 

On May 31, 2017, the “Investimenti Sostenibili” fund, managed by Sella Gestioni (Banca Sella Group) working exclusively with MainStreet Partners as sole investment advisor, marks nearly the half year point as a listed fund on the Italian Stock Exchange. Investimenti Sostenibili was the first listed fund that enabled Italian retail investors to directly access impact investments. The fund is managed according to MainStreet Partner’s Sustainable Growth strategy, which targets capital appreciation via a flexible and broadly diversified portfolio of highly liquid thematic bonds and equity investments, which intentionally create positive social and environmental impact.

This listing is the end result of MainStreet Partners’ long term effort to deliver investment strategies to its banking partners that provide end investors with daily liquidity, positive returns and clear, measurable impact. The Sustainable Growth strategy has been implemented in various accounts during the past 5 years and was originally conceived in 2010 when MainStreet began researching the first thematic bonds being issued by the Development Finance Institutions. Equities screened for impact were later added to the strategy to provide a global, balanced approach.  The listing of this fund is an important step forward in mainstreaming of impact investing by reaching the retail investor market with suitable and sustainable investment products. As of the end of April 2017, the fund has reached €77.1 million.

Rodolfo Fracassi from MainStreet Partners said: “Historically, impact investing has been open predominantly to wealthy individuals and institutional investors. We are delivering an impact strategy that is accessible to retail investors. This strategy provides easy access, transparency and traceability of impact with liquidity and diversification in terms of geographies, asset classes and sectors.  Most importantly, it allows retail investors, who care about people and our planet, to materially contribute to social development and environmental protection.”

Achieving tangible impact

Regarding the fund’s social and environmental results, in 2016 its investments contributed to providing 40,000 loans to low-income individuals, the reduction of Co2 emissions equivalent to those produced by 760 cars in 1 year, the reduction of waste production by 6 tons and the saving 18 million litres of waters, which is equivalent to the consumption of 1,400 families in a year. Banca Sella Group and MainStreet Partners have partnered with Lifegate, a one-million member network focused on promoting sustainability, to help raise public awareness of the fund’s availability on the stock market.

 About the Investimenti Sostenibili fund:

Sella Gestioni began working with MainStreet Partners in January 2015, when MainStreet Partners became the sole investment advisor to a fund named Nordfondo Obbligazionario Etico. After a review of the investment strategy and portfolio by MainStreet Partners, the fund’s portfolio was completely rebuilt based on MainStreet’s investment strategy. This globally diversified and flexible balanced strategy, which mixes thematic fixed income investments and impact listed equities, generates financial returns alongside positive and measurable results on society and the environment. The fund was subsequently renamed Investimenti Sostenibili.

About Banca Sella:

Banca Sella Holding S.p.A., whose origins date back to 1886, is one of the oldest Italian private banks. The bank engages in banking and other financial service businesses primarily in Italy.  Sella Gestioni SGR S.p.A, the asset management company fully owned by Banca Sella Holding S.p.A., is the fund manager of Investimenti Sostenibili.

About MainStreet Partners:

MainStreet Partners, a London based investment advisor, was created to provide any investor with a transparent and easy access to companies and funds that achieve consistent financial returns while improving people’s lives and protecting our planet. Where and how capital is deployed has a strong influence in shaping our future world. For this reason, we want our clients to know exactly where their capital is invested and what financial, social and environmental results they are achieving.

About Lifegate:

The mission of the Lifegate network is to create the largest international network of information and services for persons, companies, NGOs and institutions working for a sustainable future. LifeGate wants to be sustainable innovation hub, incubate ideas based on new paradigms, connecting minds, projects and companies. Overseeing all of the most promising growth areas in the world with targeted investments in tools, media and technology, with an approach aimed at identifying the different needs of people and businesses that share a commitment to a better world.