Each and every choice at MainStreet Partners is driven by our values, which have won us the trust of our clients. By acting as a trusted advisor and consistently following our core values, MainStreet Partners has built a reputation for integrity, excellence, and performance.

Mission Driven

At MainStreet Partners, we work according to our mission which is at the base of our investment and business decisions. There are no trade-offs. MainStreet Partners’ work ethics and process is uncompromising on the financial side as well as the social and environmental side. Clients trust MainStreet Partners to generate positive social and environmental impact while protecting and increasing our clients’ capital.

Results Oriented

Over the years, MainStreet Partners has refined its unique methodology and built a proven track record to achieve results in guiding its clients to execute sustainable investments strategies. The principal goal is to create financial value for all stakeholders while simultaneously generating positive, measurable impact by developing the highest-quality investment services.

Commitment to Sustainability

Companies that embraced the concept of the triple bottom line, social, environmental and financial, as their definition of success and driving force behind their business decisions are among the best performing businesses of today and will lead their industries in the medium to long run. For this reason, sustainability is at the base of our investment decisions and value generation.


Client Centric

Clients are building MainStreet Partners’ reputation. Being an investment firm means earning the trust of our clients, one of the most important things that anyone can give you. This is MainStreet Partners’ biggest asset.