Bridge International Academies

22 Dec Bridge International Academies


Bridge International Academies (BIA) operates primary education schools in emerging markets, aiming to serve the 700 million families who live on less than $2 USD per day. The company manages and operates schools in two markets, the private school market and the publicly-funded, charter school market. BIA has developed a series of technology and process innovations which allows it to dramatically improve the learning outcomes of its students at very low cost. In its seven years of operations, the company has proven its business model, documented its educational impacts and is poised scale. The company is privately held and has a shareholder base which includes some of the leading impact investors and development finance institutions worldwide.

BIA provides education to more than 120,000 low-income students via more than 400 nursery and primary schools

Students at BIA schools attain fluency at twice the rate of their peers

The company is expected to reach breakeven in the second half of 2018

Revenues growth was 152.0% between 2013 and 2015